The Team Behind Your Marketing Success

The founders of BuzzFish are steeped in years of traditional media experience and bring over a decade of digital success to our clients today. Our team includes digital media strategists, graphic designers, content writers and web developers. Our clients look to us as partners to help them grow and we really like that.

Linda Arns 

Linda came from a traditional advertising and marketing background. After 25 years working for companies like Catalina Marketing and NCI Communications, Linda realized that social media marketing was quickly overshadowing print and targeted direct mail campaigns. It was then that she shifted her focus from print media to social media.

She showed clients how social media marketing could positively affect their business growth. She began working with their clients on their transition from outbound marketing to inbound, internet-based marketing. Linda’s role in the organization is to oversee content development and ensure that operations are working smoothly. If there is a deadline to meet, Linda makes it happen.

Linda is also a nature lover and amateur photographer. Since the internet and social media are so image driven, her eye for photography allows her to select or create images that capture the attention of the target audience. She loves the way social media sites allow her to interact with others who share the same interests and passions.

Léni Hall

Léni is a seasoned digital marketing pro. As a native Floridian, she loves long walks on the beach… no really! Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Internet Marketing, she has a diverse background including 8+ years in hospitality and tourism marketing. Before joining the BuzzFish team, Léni led the charge on all social media efforts for one of the country’s most envelope-pushing and award-winning destination marketing organizations.

As a Digital Marketing Manager for BuzzFish Marketing, she is responsible for creating content and implementing inbound marketing plans. She understands the importance of developing a unique strategy and voice for each client when it comes to juggling multiple accounts at once. Through thoughtful storytelling and structured campaigns, she helps businesses increase brand awareness, generate leads, and acquire new customers.

Joyce Santos

A seasoned marketing pro, Joyce has experience in Product Development and Marketing for electronics.

Starting as a computer programmer, Joyce has always been on the cutting edge of technology. Moving into product planning and development, she researched and tested new features for popular electronic devices.

Joyce was Marketing Director for Latin America and Canada at Brother, where she improved the marketing for the these subsidiaries. With a passport of stamps from around the world, Joyce joined the BuzzFish Team to oversee new initiatives.

At her core Joyce is still a techy, she enjoys website development and improving SEO. In her free time, Joyce spends time with her granddaughter Riley and dog Daisy Mae taste testing ice cream shops in the Northeast.

Megan Kennedy 

Megan spent five years as the Imaging Director at UrbanDaddy magazine in New York City before joining the Buzzfish team as a graphics whiz and newsletter maven. At UD she was responsible for researching, licensing and editing photography for daily editions in 13 markets as well as designing microsites, blogs, commercial partnerships and mobile applications. She managed a team of photo retouchers and photographers in ten cities.

When she isn’t at her desk you can find her climbing mountains, jumping off cliffs, kayaking, cycling, camping, rock climbing, weightlifting, and generally being active outdoors. Her adventures have taken her all around the world, from the Arctic Circle to Croatia & Peru.