Social Media Programs – Creating Buzz

Many businesses are using social media in some way to reach their customers.  The real question is whether or not they are doing it effectively or reaching their full potential.  Creating a presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ allows you to connect with your customers on a consistent basis, however it isn’t enough to simply have a Facebook page or send some Tweets.  If used correctly, social media has the power to significantly enhance your customer base and engage your customers in a way that traditional marketing can’t.   Social media sites allow you to engage your customers directly, invite feedback and two-way communication, and encourage referrals and recommendations.  Social media sites are also a perfect way to generate loyalty by creating special offers for those who visit your sites.

Social Media Implementation

Successful implementation of social media marketing is not as easy as it may seem.  It is important to know which outlets will work best for your business.  It can also be extremely time-consuming to make sure it is consistently effective.  Our clients have told us that they found it overwhelming to try to keep up with the demands of social media marketing while trying to manage their day to day business functions.  BuzzFish Marketing made the difference for them, and it can make a difference for you too!  We will successfully launch and manage your social media campaign so you can reap the rewards without having to become an expert or add an extra 8 hours to your workday.

Tampa Social Media Team

We  are experts in using social media to produce solid results.  We learn all we can about who your customers are and how they behave.  Then we create and distribute relevant content across the social media spectrum on your behalf.  We know that content that is interesting to consumers is shared and spread on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. As the reach of this content grows virally, it leads to increased visibility, aka…BUZZzzz.

We also develop strategic content calendars that ensure consistent, targeted content for your business is being published across all applicable social on time.  We manage your presence, your image, your offers and your customer contact so that you don’t have to.  The social media marketers at BuzzFish are pros at this, and will make sure that your sites are current, relevant and EFFECTIVE!