Linda Arns

Linda Arns also came from a traditional advertising and marketing background. After 25 years working as a Sales Executive with companies like Catalina Marketing and NCI Communications, Linda realized that social media marketing was quickly overshadowing print and targeted direct mail campaigns. She understood that, as a marketing professional, she needed to be on the cutting edge of new marketing paradigms so shifted focus from print media to social media. She honed her creative skills and started helping clients understand how social media marketing could positively affect their business growth.  She began working with her clients on their transition from outbound marketing to inbound, internet-based marketing.  Linda partnered with Mariruth, bringing her wealth of expertise, and helping to establish Buzzfish Marketing as a premier internet and social media marketing company.

Linda is also a nature lover and amateur photographer. Since the internet and social media are so image driven, her eye for photography allows her to select or create images that capture the attention of the target audience. She loves the way social media sites allow her to interact with others who share the same interests and passions.  Besides Facebook, sites like Pinterest, Flickr and Picture Social are some of her personal favorites for viewing, posting, sharing tips and learning from others.