How to use video to grow business-step by step guide.

March 23, 2016    

Video to grow business is no longer a nice to have, it is a must. But how do you get started? You didn’t go to film school. You are not a techie. And you are most certainly NOT an actor. (We’ll have tips for those of you who are comfortable in front of the camera, too). You are a (fill in your business or profession). Well, here are a few ideas that can get you started creating your own video to grow your business.

Let’s get you started with an animated video. There are a few ways to go here. Today we are going to focus on creating a video to grow  business using photos of your product or service.

Video to Grow Your Business-Step by Step

First, gather together some great photos of your business or service. Make sure they are of good quality. If you don’t have any-get someone to take few for you. This is important. If people can’t see a a good representation of your product they are not likely to buy.

Next, think about what you want to say. What is your message? What is your goal?

If the message is about your company, then use some photos of people, customers, even 4-5 word testimonials on a powerpoint slide can work. If the message is about a product or group of products, then show the products, show them on the shelf, show them in use, and show them in unique places. Here is a video that shows the product in different places, and focuses on how it fits a lifestyle.

Subscribe to a service like Animoto which gives you are free account-which is great to get your feet wet! And for $5 a month, most small businesses can get everything that they need.  (prices are as of the post date, check the site for up to date information).

Now it is time to start your video. Steven Covey says, Begin with the End in Mind. So what do you want the end result to be? Do you want people to buy something? Do you want them to click on your website? Leave a review? Then you have to plan your video for that purpose.

Develop a theme. Is it holiday gifting? Mother’s Day, lifestyle, how you can use a product? Once you have that the next part is easier.

Now put the photos in order (You can use powerpoint or some other slide show) then write your captions.

With the video for above, you see that we wanted to show people how you can use these glasses no matter what your interest, or who you are.

Finally, choose some music that matches what you are trying to accomplish. If you are a high energy gym, use fast paced music. A relaxation spa would use something more soothing. Holiday shopping, make it cheery. The music sets the tone, so make sure that it is tailored to your message and your brand.

Get the Word Out with Video to Grow Your Business

Now you are ready to add your description and POST, POST, POST. Put it on social media, add it to sites like Stumble Upon, e-mail it to your customers and get it on a blog on your website.

Here’s the great news. With free services out there–and a couple of hours, you can make a video like this for your business.



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