Content Creation

ebooks as Content Marketing

eBooks are becoming increasingly popular marketing tools because they appeal to a variety of consumers. eBooks are formatted for easy reading on mobile devices or tablets. They are also rich in content, fiction or non-fiction, and can be targeted to a wide audience. eBooks can be published quickly and can provide another income stream for your business. They can also be enhanced with your multimedia content, like photos and videos, that bring exposure to your products and services. If you have a great idea for an eBook, BuzzFish Marketing can help you get it published and marketed!

White Papers to drive leads

White papers are authoritative documents that provide information to consumers. They are designed to be logical and to provide facts and analysis that help consumers solve a problem or make a decision. Combined with landing pages, they drive people to your site and build a lead flow. A well-written white paper can give your business credibility and authority. It can present a business case that supports the product or service you are offering in a way that makes sense to discriminating customers who are looking for fact rather than fluff. The writers at BuzzFish Marketing understand how and when to use this valuable tool and can help you create white papers that drive results!

Video Marketing

Content can be shared in many different ways and in different forms. Videos are becoming increasingly more popular with consumers, which makes them a valuable marketing tool. Videos are a great way to introduce consumers to your product or service without requiring them to read a lot of text. Videos are a way to help your potential customers experience your business in a real way.  They are creative, can be humorous or informative, and a great way to engage your customers and get them interested. Videos are also easily shared on social networking sites, making them an integral part of an in-depth social media campaign. BuzzFish Marketing can help you create videos that will maximize your exposure and increase your profits!